Rosary Altar Society

Spiritual Advisor: Rev. Joseph Hlubik
President: Kathy Pellerito (732-920-9079)
Vice President: Eve Scheyer
Secretary: Linda Clarke
Treasurer: Patricia Donovan
Auditors: Patricia Donovan and Helen Thompson
Altar Linen Care: Jean Taboada, Dolores Anilionis, Peggy Morrissey

Officers serve for a two year term with the exception of the Treasurer who can serve indefinitely. A rose, a  name tag, a rosary booklet, a band captain list, a membership list and a copy of the by-Laws are given to each member on induction. Each member is expected to read and  become familiar with the by laws and is encouraged to take an active part in all the activities..

The Rosary Altar Society meets on the third Tuesday in the months of April, May, June, September, October, November and December.  Special meetings are called as needed. The Rosary is recited at 7:10 pm in church followed by Mass at 7:30 PM. A monthly meeting follows in Msgr. Casey Hall and a social coffee is enjoyed by all.

All women are invited to become members and to share in the many spiritual benefits of the Rosary Altar Society.  Along with annual dues of $10 a year, fund raisers and raffles are held to help pay for the altar breads and other charitable donations. We also take care of the altar cloths and priests vestments.

Some but not all activities are:

  • September – Welcome Back Party.
  •  Sept 12-13 – Mum Sale
  • October – Induction of new members and the Area Wide Communion Breakfast hosted by one of ten neighboring parishes each year.
  • Oct 18-19 – Rummage Sale
  • November – Mass for Deceased Members and a fund raiser.
  • December – Christmas Party.
  • May – Crowning of the Blessed Mother and Mass for Living Members.
  • June – Closing Meeting and Feast of the Sacred Heart.

We will be hosting along with the Holy Name Society, the Parish Communion Breakfast in May of each year.

We also participate in the coalition of churches hosting a dinner for the lonely and less fortunate as well as an annual Gift Giving for the clients at Valentine House.