Baptismal Preparation

Guidelines for Baptism:

  • First time parents will join Ronnie Duffy for a Baptism Prep Class.  Ronnie will call you to arrange your attendance at our next class.
  • Parents are encouraged to register as parishioners of our parish (if not already parishioners).
  • Family members and guests are cordially invited to attend the baptism
  • A customary donation of $50.00 is appreciated.  If this is a hardship please speak with the Pastor.


The Church views godparents as a religious responsibility and not as a social role, so please be conscious of these Church guidelines as you choose godparents for your child.

All Catholics acting as godparents must be:

  • sixteen (16) years of age or older
  • have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation
  • if married, the marriage must have been celebrated in the Catholic Church or received a dispensation.
  • Catholics in good standing – practicing their faith.
  • If more than one godparent there must be one man and one woman.
  • One certified Catholic godparent in good standing can be used at the baptism instead of two.
  • Godparents must present a Sponsorship Certificate issued from the Church where they are registered.  This Certificate is to be brought or emailed to the rectory office by the Monday before the Baptism. Failure to do so will result in rescheduling of the baptism.

SPONSOR CERTIFICATE – if you need a sponsor certificate, and are a parishioner of our parish, click here: Sponsor Certificate – Sacred Heart Church to print it out, bring it to the office to have the information verified and signed by the Pastor.


  • If you request a non-Catholic to be a part of the Baptism, in addition to one Catholic in good standing, he/she must be a baptized Christian.  They should be faithful in the practice of their faith and must supply proof of baptism. Non-Catholics are considered Christian Witnesses.
  • Catholics who do not meet the listed requirements above or ex-Catholics may not be a Christian Witness.

Thank you and God bless you as you plan this memorable day in the life of your child and family.